Practical in-house training programmes for investment promotion teams and their partners/stakeholders.


MSI, one of the world's leading consultancy and training companies in  foreign direct investment (FDI), has developed a unique development programme which combines state-of-the-art training in new FDI skills and techniques together with an inspiring leadership and team-building component aimed at achieving peak performance for each team member. The training programmes are delivered by our team of experts who have many years of experience and unparallelled knowledge in their field.  The programme represents a fresh approach at a time when the needs and expectations of investors are changing in fundamental ways.


The in-house training programme is designed for investment promotion teams which want to compete more effectively in attracting new investment and, in doing so, to reach new performance levels.  Using international FDI and performance experts, we help teams and individuals to acquire the skills required to meet the needs of the new generation of corporate investors and at the same time to facilitate transformational growth in their national or local economies.


The programme is based on a framework of nine modules, which can be delivered separately or combined to form a single programme.  The content and duration of each programme can be customised and designed to meet the specific requirements of the team and the individuals.  Modules are based on group tutition, assignments and one-to-one mentoring.  The frameworks of each of the modules, profiles of our experts and several case studies can be found in our brochure below.