MSI Evaluate

Promoting Sustainable Growth

MSI are specialists in Economic Development and Business Support Evaluations. We help Public and Private sectors to evaluate the effectiveness of their growth strategies and the efficiency of their implementation.


We provide independent evaluation services to the EU, national governments, regional and local authorities, government agencies and publicly funded organisations to assess the impact and added value of economic development programmes and activities. We also provide evaluation services to companies seeking to grow and expand their businesses in existing or new markets. We advise them on the strategic options available to them and provide evidence-based recommendations.


MSI Evaluations support both groups of clients by helping them to allocate scarce resources where they will have the greatest impact in achieving sustainable growth.


Economic Development Business Support


  • Enterprise support strategy

  • Investment attraction

  • benchmarking

  • Trade promotion assessment

  • Cluster development risk analysis

  • Innovation systems reviews



Private Sector


  • International

  • Location

  • Market

  • Country

  • Performance


At a time of profound change in the world, it is important for public and private organisations to review and evaluate the relevance, competitiveness and effectiveness of their strategies and operational programmes.


Evaluations have long been an essential tool in the areas of quality control, governance, and performance assessment. Increasingly, evaluations have become drivers for innovation and transformation. They have become particularly important in today’s challenging environment where there is greater pressure to focus limited resources where they will have the greatest impact. We are pleased to introduce to you our evaluation services.


MSI is one of the leading evaluators of policies, strategies and programmes including donor-funded projects. We have delivered evaluations for clients in over 30 countries around the world. We have recently carried out evaluation and review assignments in Sweden, the UK, Botswana, and Zimbabwe and the Caribbean.


Our evaluations are an objective and independent assessment delivered by an experienced external expert (s). Customisation and consultation are the key feature of MSI evaluations; they are designed around our clients’ specific needs and objectives. We not only evaluate; we make actionable recommendations and propose implementation plans where appropriate. Our evaluations are practical and down to earth with high levels of client interaction. The scope and scale of our evaluations varies according to client needs.


Evaluations can be as simple as a one day review workshop, a two-three day retreat, or they can be carried out over an extended period of months or years; ongoing-evaluations are often used for the monitoring/tracking of donor-funded projects and programmes. Evaluation Retreats have become an increasingly important element of our evaluations; we have delivered over 300 workshops and retreats.


An evaluation usually considers one or more of the following dimensions:


·         Policy /Strategy design

·         Organisation and structure

·         Competitiveness

·         Programmes

·         Process

·         Performance

·         Outputs

·         Implementation

·         Impact and legacy

·         Return on investment / value for money

·         Lessons learned



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