Achieving Excellence Seminar


A one-day in house programme

‘Wonderful and inspiring’ (Penn State University USA)


‘Excellent’ (Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development, Paris)


‘Dynamic’ (Daily News, Sweden)

Never has achieving excellence been more paramount than in today’s challenging economic environment.


In order to compete and meet objectives, standards must inevitably be raised. Every individual and every organisation has an immense ability to innovate and to reach new performance levels, but more often than not, they fail to unleash their potential.


To achieve excellence, you may have to adjust your mind-set; you probably will need to change the way you plan, act and communicate. To achieve excellence, teams and organisations must work to a collective vision; individuals need to accept more responsibility and demonstrate creativity, endurance and bravery. None of this is easy, but, the rewards could be great.


Following the success of our master-classes on creating world class organisations, MSI Training is excited to announce a new series of one day seminars on Achieving Excellence,


These practical and inspirational seminars are designed for team leaders and managers in the public and private sector.  They will focus on the power of excellence to transform organisations through shared visions and values on individual and team levels. 


The current period of international financial turmoil and job losses only serves to highlight the absolute importance of achieving excellence in order to meet objectives, to compete … and even to survive.  This practical one day seminar will give participants the necessary tools to effect the required change in order to reach new performance levels within their team or organisation.


Our methodology has been showcased by CNBC TV and at conferences organised by the World Bank, United Nations, OECD, the Financial Times and most recently by the International Trade Centre.


In recent years, we have presented our methodology in over 200 workshops. The response to these workshops and the demand for a new learning model to meet the challenges of the current climate has motivated us to create MSI Training & Inspiration. The aim is to provide learning and development in the form of in-house coaching sessions. These will provide customized training in the skills necessary to compete in today’s challenging environment; they will also inspire individuals to perform beyond expectation.


Each of our speakers has achieved excellence in the public or the private sector. Although they come from, and work in, completely different spheres they all share a conviction that human potential is unlimited. These seminars are both inspirational and practical. They will initiate the first step towards creating excellence and give participants the necessary tools to achieve and effect change within their team and organisation.


Seminar Goals


  • Why excellence has nothing to do with the size of an organisation and everything to do with the values, culture, qualities and performance of the people involved

  • Why Excellent Organisations are more creative, energised and innovative

  • Why discipline, endurance and tenacity are absolutely necessary to become excellent

  • What you can do to effect change within your team and organisation

  • How to create a common set of values and a collective vision




  • Session One: No Hiding Place – The Need for Excellence

  • Session Two: Inspirational Journeys

  • Session Three:Ten Steps to Excellence

  • Session Four: Creating a New Vision for your Organisation/Team: Developing Initiatives, Strategies and Tactics to Achieve Success

  • Session Five: Question & Answer




We have included examples of some of our speakers/session leaders.  We have a large number of motivational and inspirational speakers as part of our team, all of whom have achieved excellence in their particular field. For further details or to discuss booking a seminar for your organisation, please contact:




Director of Market Scoping International, Clive Vokes is a leader in the field of international business development and has dedicated over 30 years to coaching countries and companies to compete globally. Clive Vokes is Senior Advisor to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The Market Scoping methodology has been showcased by the OECD, The World Bank, Financial Times and CNBC (Europe) television. Clive Vokes has delivered over 200 seminars and workshops around the world. Clive Vokes will provide examples of the power of excellence from across the world in both the public and private sector.


Dr James Miser is a world-renowned paediatric oncologist and former CEO of City of Hope National Medical Centre in Los Angeles, California, a national comprehensive cancer centre with over 2500 employees. Dr Miser has experience chairing boards of three non- profit organisations in the US and Republic of China. He is father to 10 adopted children, many of whom have disabilities. Dr Miser is a frequent inspirational public speaker.  Dr Miser will focus on transforming organisations to achieve excellence through shared visions and values.


Mike Delaney has served in the Royal Air Force for over 30 years, where he has worked in a training and teaching capacity. Mike has also been involved in athletics at the highest level. A former Welsh 400m champion, Mike was Britain’s athletics team manager at the Athens and Sydney Olympic Games. In his professional career and in his sporting life Mike has had first-hand experience of helping individuals and teams to achieve excellence and to deliver peak performance when it matters most. Using his experiences as an elite athlete and a trainer for the Royal Air Force, Mike Delaney will focus on achieving excellence on both individual and team levels