Helping our clients reach new performance levels


At a time of profound and constant change in the world of internationalisation, it is essential for all organisations to evaluate the competitiveness and effectiveness of their strategies and operational programmes. Evaluations are a defining characteristic of all successful organisations.


Increasingly evaluations have become recognised as cost-effective drivers for innovation and transformation. They have become particularly important in today’s challenging environment where there is increased pressure to focus resources where they will produce the greatest impact.


We are pleased to introduce to you our evaluation service. MSI is one of the leading evaluators of investment and trade promotion agencies. We have delivered evaluations around the world.


Our evaluations are an objective and independent assessment delivered by an experienced external expert (s). They typically evaluate one or more of the following:


  • Model

  • Structure

  • Strategy

  • Programmes

  • Performance

  • Impact


Key stages of our evaluations






















Customisation is the key feature of MSI evaluations; they are designed around our clients’ specific needs and objectives. We not only evaluate; we make actionable recommendations and propose detailed implementation plans.


Our evaluations are practical and down to earth; they are intensive with high levels of client interaction. The scope and scale of our evaluations varies according to client needs.


Evaluations can be as short as a one day review workshop, a two-three day retreat, or they can be carried out over an extended period in the form of an on-going evaluation; on-going evaluations are often used for the monitoring / tracking of donor-funded projects and programmes. Off-site retreats have become an increasingly important feature element of our evaluations programme. They have delivered outstanding results in building high-performance teams.