Case Study


Project  Seagull


The three national Swedish agencies Vinnova ( Innovation), Nutek (Enterprise) , Invest in Sweden Agency  ( Investment)  and One North East ( the regional development agency for the North East of England) initiated  Project Seagull in 2007. It was designed by Clive Vokes as a prototype for cross-border collaboration in the areas of cluster development, reciprocal trade and investment and the creation of international  innovation systems. It was inspired by the highly successful Four Motors for Europe inter-regional  partnership  with which we had worked


The  specific purpose of Project Seagull was to create a  platform for small and medium sized companies  to  increase trade, engage in strategic partnerships, facilitate investment and knowledge flows between Sweden and North East England.  Last but not least, it was designed to do so in practical and imaginative ways, which would enhance the profiles and brands of Sweden and North East England.



The agencies and their partner organisations  cooperated in the following four ‘’convergence’’ sectors where both partners enjoyed comparative advantages :


  • Moving images

  • Ageing & health 

  • Biotechnology and materials       

  • Cleantech and ICT



International collaboration opportunities were identified in :


  • Direct investments 

  • Strategic alliances and co-creation 

  • Research & development 

  • Technology transfers 

  • Joint ventures    

  • Supply- and value-chains  

  • EU programmes





Project Seagull developed into a business development platform of international significance. It  was showcased at the Gothenburg conference on growth as part of Sweden’s Presidency of the EU in 2009. Project Seagull subsequently came to an end with the closure of England’s regional development agencies. Nevertheless Project Seagull has since  been the model and inspiration for a number of cross-border cluster initiatives around the world.



Creating the next generation of clusters


Clusterworld is the cluster design and development service of Market Scoping International (, the leading European design consultancy specialising in economic development.


Clusterworld helps its clients to


  • evaluate the international competitiveness and performance of their clusters

  • design new clusters as natural homes for start-ups, world-class companies and institutions

  • build co-creation partnerships and corridors of opportunity with international clusters

  • attract like-minded investors, companies and institutions, talent and technology


The wider goal of Clusterworld is to promote the development of the next generation of clusters including virtual clusters, micro-clusters and Super Clusters for cities, regions and Special Economic Zones in developed, developing and emerging economies.


For over 20 years we have designed policies and strategies in the areas of investment attraction and cluster development. We have a passionate belief in the power of clusters to create unique operating environments and to deliver sustainable growth and economic transformation. We help our clients to create dynamic clusters which have a strong forward momentum. The rationale is clear - companies on the move and people on the move are always attracted to places on the move. (Sekov’s Law).


We have worked with clients in over 50 countries from Ireland to Botswana, from the UK to Australia, from Barbados to the Arctic Circle. We have been a coach to Sweden since 1995. We have showcased our methodology at many international conferences; we have delivered over 300 capacity-building workshops and strategic planning retreats. 


If you are seeking a new approach to cluster design and development or would simply like to find out more about the Clusterworld service without any obligation, simply email me on  so that we can arrange a call at a time convenient to you.