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Press Release – Market Scoping International January 2016
Developing the Export Readiness of Trinidad and Tobago Enterprises for the European Market.


Following the signing of the Contract between exporTT Limited and Consultant Clive Vokes on January 12th, participants (also pictured below) will begin an intensive process of increasing the level of existing and new exports (goods and services) from Trinidad and Tobago to the European Union. ‪#‎FIT4EUROPE ‪#‎International ‪#‎Trade


The Fit 4 Europe project, funded through the 10th European Development Fund and administered by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), is intended to build on previous work started in the region by offering sensitization to market requirements, capacity building as well as market penetration missions into selected EU markets.


Through a rigorous application process, twenty-six (26) participants representing a mix of both large and small as well as goods-producing and services enterprises were selected based on their levels of export-readiness. Participating Firms are representative of a variety of sectors such as food and beverages, chemicals, electrical goods, plastics, ICT, energy services, fashion and entertainment and include both firms.


This one-year project is aimed at increasing the level of existing and new exports (goods and services) from Trinidad and Tobago to the European Union.


For more information about our Eurolink Investor and Partner selection programmes/b2b matchmaking for registered exporters, please contact

Innovation in internationalisation


Established in 1995, Market Scoping International (MSI) is a research and design studio specialising in the design and development of next generation clusters, foreign direct investment, strategic planning and capacity-building. We work with countries, cities, regions and companies from Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the Caribbean.  We design solutions to help them to participate successfully in the Global Market. Our deep relationship with our clients  is based on a continuous programme of product and process innovation.  Based in the UK, we have worked with clients from over 50 countries - all of our clients have used our services on multiple occasions.


We are consultants to the European Commission, the United Nations and the International Trade Center.. Our methodology has been showcased at international conferences and by international media; including the Financial Times, CNBC and most recently by Al Jazeera. We have also delivered over 300 strategic planning and capacity-building workshops for our clients.


MSI helps its clients to succeed in international markets. We have a particular focus on Europe.  We assist countries, regions and cities to attract European investment, technology and talent and to facilitate bi-lateral trading relationships. We help established multinationals and fast-growth SMEs to expand in European markets through investment, trade and strategic alliances. We advise our clients on government affairs at a European, national and local level. We help to create world-class value and supply chains by connecting companies and opportunities.


At a time of renewed growth in many European countries, we provide intelligence and insights on markets, sectors, and supply and value chains. We advise on market access options in a practical down-to-earth way; we facilitate effective engagement with European companies, partners, government organisations and regulatory authorities.


We operate across all business sectors and in all European countries. We have an extensive network of networks in the public and private sectors; we have an in-house team of researchers, analysts and business development specialists; we also work with local market experts who provide us with market intelligence and network access.


Our reputation as Europe’s business development specialists is built on continuous innovation and creative solutions. Innovations developed by MSI include: Euro-link partner search programme, Fit for Europe strategic planning workshops, The Blue Book business development tool, Digital One-Stop Shop, Project Seagull (a cross –border cluster development programme), The 3G model for trade and investment and The MSI enterprise–search tool.

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Clive Vokes is the founding Director of Market Scoping International established in 1995.  He is the former European Director of the Welsh Development Agency (WDA), one of the World’s most successful economic development agencies in the 1980s and 1990s.  The WDA succeeded in attracting over 40% of all Japanese investment coming into Europe; it was also one of the top 3 destinations for American and European investment.  During this period Wales attracted almost US$4 billion of FDI.  This was a substantial achievement for a small country.


At the WDA Clive was also responsible for EU programmes and funding.  He was Chairman of the Wales Euro Info Centre.Clive was also, for several years, European Business Development Director of Ladbroke International/Hilton International in Brussels.


He is an experienced practitioner with an extensive network of corporate and institutional contacts throughout the World. His work within the areas of business location strategy, international trade and economic development has been showcased by CNBC TV and at conferences organised by the United Nations, World Bank, Financial Times and the OECD. He is the author of the guide ''Attracting foreign direct investment to your region’’ (ISBN 91-630-4897-3), which was published by Invest in Sweden Agency.  He is the co-author of the ‘Investment Policy Review’ of the Dominican Republic published in Spanish and English and the ‘’Examen de la politique de l’investissement au Maroc’’, published in French and English. He was a contributor to "Allt kan bli bättre" (everything can be better), published in Swedish.     


Clive is an experienced coach, trainer and mentor and has delivered over 200 capacity-building workshops and retreats across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  He is an adviser to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Investment (UNCTAD) and has carried out strategic reviews on behalf of UNCTAD and the respective governments in Morocco, Algeria, Palestine and Dominican Republic. He is a consultant to the European Commission. Clive is an experienced cluster coach, trainer and mentor.


Clive helps countries to develop and implement new growth strategies. He has specific expertise in developing strategies to attract investment and in building platforms, which help companies and countries to grow and to compete internationally.  Clive is deeply involved in the development of the next generation (3G) growth model for companies and countries.  Clive has carried out assignments for clients across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific.  Clive has specific experience in cluster growth strategies.


Clive speaks English, German and French.


Europe’s business-facilitation service


For more than 20 years Market Scoping International (MSI) has been helping countries and companies to implement successful European strategies – promoting investment, trade, B2B co-operation, attracting talent, technology and ideas. During this period the European business landscape has changed and continues to change in exciting and challenging ways. We help our clients to understand and to benefit from this process of change. We have worked with clients in 52 countries.


 Our first client in 1995 was Sweden and Sweden is still a client today ( see interview with MSI’s Clive Vokes in


In 2008 we introduced Europe’s first accelerator programme to help fast-growing companies to succeed in European markets through rapid internationalisation. The goal is to create the next generation of micro-multinationals based on cross-border co-operation and co-creation between companies.


Our methodology has been showcased by the international media and at over 400 workshops and conferences, almost 100 of them in Sweden.  We have a passion for European markets. We see them from many different perspectives but always as platforms for growth. We are currently working with companies from Trinidad and Tobago to develop their EU/Internationalisation strategies; see article on


We are now launching Eurolink. It is designed as  a  low-cost, high-value support service aimed at providing real-time advice, coaching and mentoring  to help companies to self-design and implement their European strategies. We advise; you decide.  For a small, fixed annual fee we provide a guaranteed number of hours of assistance in a range of areas determined by you. For example, we can help you to:


  • Understand the dynamics of selected European markets

  • Review or develop your European strategies

  • Develop your European business plans

  • Select markets and sectors with growth potential

  • Assess business opportunities

  • Identify business locations and business partners

  • Make winning proposals and submissions



Eurolink has been developed by MSI  in response to the needs of clients who want independent support in making informed decisions. They require this service to be delivered in a practical down-to-earth way; and they want it in real-time.  This is a short introduction. I will be pleased to discuss what Eurolink can do for you in more detail without seeking any commitment. Please let me know if you would like to speak at a time convenient for you or simply mail me with your question.